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Secretaries' desks. Secretaries usually have a computer and a telephone on their desks. Secretaries' desks (6)________ often tidy. In fact, they are sometimes tidier (7)________ the bosses' desks. Secretaries' desks often have pictures of children and (8)________ that they look at from time to time during the day. You will (9)________ find an agenda because secretaries need to make appointments. In the past, secretaries (10)________ usually women. Today, however, more and more men are becoming secretaries
Unusual wedding. A Japanese company gives people the opportunity to have a wedding they will never forget. A Tokyo-based wedding firm, First Advantage, (11)________ couples a chance to get married in space. There are (12)________ people who want to get married in this way, although it is not cheap. A couple will pay $2.3 mln (13)________ a journey that takes an hour. A wedding dress, a wedding party and hotel rooms are also included in the cost. The bride and the groom (14)________ finish four days of training before they are allowed to fly into space. The space weddings are scheduled to begin (15)________ 2011, but the group will start accepting applications early next month.
Americans love their cars. Americans are used to driving. They drive to work, to school and to family events. However, the rising cost of gasoline has (16)________ many Americans to reconsider their relationship with automobiles. Gasoline is now about $4 a gallon and many people are (17)________ their cars at home and are taking the bus or riding their bikes. (18)________ high prices, people are limiting or cutting back on their travel or vacations. Some Americans plan to travel by train, instead of driving a car on their summer holidays this year. Those who continue to drive are looking (19)________ cars that use (20)________ gasoline.
21. The class began their lesson ________ a short test.
22. They spent a lot of time ________ at the portraits in the art gallery.
23. Shirley enjoys science lessons, but all her experiments seem to ________ wrong.
24. The children won't go to sleep ________ we tell them a story.
25. Residents are ________ because traffic in the area has increased and the area is noisier and more polluted.
26. The red light ________ 'Stop'.
27. Hurry up, we're ________ 20 minutes late.
28. We're having a lot of ________ with the new computer system. It is not working properly.
29. That coat really ________ Paul. It’s the right colour and design.
30. ________ from riding a bike occasionally, I don't get much exercise.
31. My parents divorced when I was five, and I ________ knew my father.
32. We should have the test results back ________ 24 hours.
33. It was clear that the young manager was ________ to take charge of the restaurant.
34. The buffet ________ of several different Chinese dishes.
35. Have you ever considered ________ your job?
36. Sales have been going up steadily and reached a ________ in summer months.
37. She is still getting ________ the death of her son.
38. I suggest we ________ lunch tomorrow at 8.30.
39. My comments were ________ as a joke, but she took them very seriously.
40. James was not sure exactly where his best interests ________.
Valencia. Valencia is one of the most popular places to visit in Spain. The city (41)________ stiff competition from the resorts on the coasts and from Barcelona. Yet, Valencia has a rich history, an attractive old quarter and a revitalized beach area. Plenty, in fact, to make it an appealing tourist (42)________. In medieval times, Valencia was an independent kingdom, and the buildings in the old town (43)________ its wealthy past. The regional government offices, for example, have rooms with golden ceilings, while the columns at the former silk market (44)________ palm trees. Valencia is famous (45)________ Las Fallas, which is a famous local festival held in March. La Tomatina, an annual tomato fight, draws crowds to the nearby town of Buñol in August.
Cutting down on smoking. A recent cigarette advert showed only a picture of a motorcycle. Only one clue told consumers which (46)________ to buy: the motorcycle was red, the colour of Marlboro. Such adverts may puzzle or bore most people, but they irritate anti-smoking groups, which (47)________ that smoking is a health risk that should be prohibited. Next week, the British Parliament will vote on a (48)________ on all cigarette advertising. However, there is no hard (49)________ that advertising has much (50)________ on total consumption. Whereas in some countries prohibitions are followed by a fall in consumption, in others there seems to be an increase in smoking.
51. Motorists are ________ to avoid the city centre this weekend because of heavy traffic.
52. By the time he has finished his week’s work, John has hardly ________ energy left for the weekend.
53. Don't you get tired ________ playing computer games all night?
54. The comedy was so funny that we couldn't stop ________.
55. I ________ to other people borrowing my books: they always forget to return them.
56. Italians are commonly ________ with good taste for clothes and fashion-consciousness.
57. The film was so ________ I could scarcely take my eyes off the screen for a second.
58. We're getting a lot of ________ about the job advertisement from potential applicants.
59. Complaints are ________ with by the customer services department.
60. I didn't use ________ chips when I was younger.

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